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a s good afternoon, everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. cbs 5 reporter cate cause gur yan is at the airport. >> reporter: passengers shouldn't notice a difference, if anything, this new ordinance should make it safer. however, we did speak with some passengers who say they still have mixed reviews. >> it's a bird, it's a plane, together, san jose airport staff say it's a deadly combination.
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>> if they intercept a bird upon departure or arrival here at our airport, it's streenlly dangerous -- extremely dangerous situation. >> reporter: airport staffers are taking a more aggressive approach in their battle against the birds. the city will vote on a proposed ordinance to allow employees and contracted biologists to shoot at birds to clear them from the air field. >> we trust the police officers in our cities with firearms, so if they're -- if they're protecting the passengers on the plane, that's what we need to do. >> reporter: but the idea of guns on the run ways doesn't fly with all the passengers. >> the issue if someone has a gun, where do the bullets end up. >> i think they should copy looking for -- i think that firearms is a little dangerous. >> reporter: san jose's airport currently uses krker guns or noise makers but that isn't working of the airport reported 180 bird strikes since 2009. now the fas a is requesting --
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faais requesting stronger information. >> we just hope that we will be able to do the same in the interest of safety for our passengers and our aircraft. >> reporter: barnes said the staffers and contracted biologists would be scoping the airways 24/7. shooting the birds would be a last resort. as for the cost, we're told the money would be coming from the airport's operating budget. the city council will vote on that tomorrow afternoon. . michelle being back to you. a bay area family is among four killed in a crash near placerville. the chp said a prius and mini van collided. a man, woman and child died in the prius. highway patrol says the prius veered into oncoming traffic. it's not clear why. 31 people died in california traffic accidents over the holiday weekend, 10
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more than last year. 13 were not wearing seat belts. hear in the bay area, five deadly accidents killed a total of six people and there were 224 dui arrests over the holiday weekend. a close call at southern california for a pilot from novato and his passenger. they were able to climb out of the wreckage of this small plane. plane flipped over during and emergency landing near cal state northridge campus. the faa is investigating. san francisco general hospital is suing the l.a. dodgers over the beating of giants fan brian stow. stow suffered extensive brain trauma after two dodger fans attacked him outside dodger stadium last year. san francisco general is seeking $1.2 million for reimbursement for his care. the family is also suing the team for lifetime medical expenses. stow is learning to walk again after spending months in a hospital in a coma.
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people in san jose will have their say starting tonight about quality if they want in the city's new police chief. the city has already started a nationwide search to replace chief chris moore who plans to retire at the end of january. tonight's community meeting starts at # o'clock. -- at 8:00. the city has already unveiled a new look for its website. some of the features include a calendar of city-sponsored events, an enhanced customer service center and emergency alerts the community can subscribe to. . a san francisco couple's challenge of the marriage defense act is one of several the supreme court will hear this week of the justices will decide whether to hear and appeal from the defenders of proposition 8. they're expected to meet this week to decide which cases it will hear next year. lawmakers apparently got into the spirit of the season
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over the holiday weekend. they're expressing optimism about the prospect of reaching a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff but cbs reporter danielle hotting ham said they're also sounding some alarms. >> reporter: the senate returns today with just five weeks left to hammer out a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. republican senator bob corker says lawmakers need to show some political courage to prevent tax increases and spending cuts from taking effect january 1st. >> there's a menu of options on the revenue side and on the entitlement side, and while there are two parties, they are willing to solve this problem, this is a very easy thing to do technically. >> reporter: republicans are hinting they may be open to a compromise that raises revenue but many are still firm they won't let bush-era tax cuts expire for the wealthiest americans. >> i would be very much opposed to raising tax rates but i do believe we can close a lot of loop holes. >> reporter: democrats say just
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closing loop holes and limiting deductions is not enough to make a dent in the nation's $16 trillion deficit. >> you've got to raise additional revenues, including tax rates on the wealthy. those have to go up. they have to go up. >> reporter: but many republicans believe the best way to close the gap is reform entitlement programs like social security and medicare. democrats aren't on board yet. >> my concern about raising that medicare retirement age is there will be gaps in coverage or coverage that's way too expensive for seniors to purchase. >> reporter: and with the fiscal cliff looming, white house economists are warning shoppers concerned about a tax increase pay not spend as much this holiday season. danielle -- nottingham, cbs news. investors are worried the strong start to the holiday shopping season may not last. right now, let's take a look at the dow. it's down nearly 60 points at this hour.
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something that might help those numbers on wall street, cyber monday. it's expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. one data tracking firm predicts online sales will reach a billion and a half dollars today. today. online retailers have made great strides in making it very easy for people to return things. paste-on shipping labels and free shipping, oftentimes free returns and so that has something to do with the increase in online shopping. >> big box stores are trying to stay competitive. tomorrow, best buy, target, toys "r" us will match any online price. the president of egypt is meeting members of the country's judiciary council to try to find a way out of a political crisis. violent street protests are continuing against president
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mohammed morsi's decision last week to grant himself sweeping new powers. now the justice minister says a resolution of the crisis is imminent butis not saying how. in cairo, talks began between palestinians and israel. egypt is working with the two sides. they're negotiating a new border arrangements for the gaza strip. the palestinians want a complete lifting of a block aid while israel wants and ends to arms smuggling. forensic experts arrived at tel aviv today, teams from switzerland, russia and france will take three samples of yassi yassir arafat's body to determine what killed him nearly eight years ago. >> we hope that all these experts will manage to basically finds what we're
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looking for, the truth. >> arafat's widow and many other palestinians believe he was poisoned. earlier this year a swiss lab found what it called significant traces of pulonium210 on his tooth brush. the investigation could take months. >> it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. >> bounce houses, they're becoming increasingly popular at parties and in people's back yards. but with that, comes increasing danger. the numbers to back up the warning from the doctors. a symbolic move by nfl cheerleaders. why they shaved their heads in the middle of the game. it's going to be a close shave for us by wednesday. we have flood watches and gale watches and within 48 hours we're going to get wet. details in two minutes.
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robbers are on the loose afa shootout at a jewelry storet we are following some breaking news right now out of san jose. a pair of armed robbers are on the loose after a shootout at a jewelry store. police tell us it happened at a store near story road and king just after 10 this morning. police say the robbers exchanged gun fire with the store owner before speeding off in a black suv. we're told no one was injured. there are more -- they're more popular than ever at kids' parties but those inflatable bounce houses are sending more kids to hospital than ever. why bouncer emergencies have taken a bic jump lately. >> reporter: one look at these kids' faces you can tell how fun a bounce house can be. >> it's a great place for them to get exercise. >> reporter: while that's a fact.
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>> it's all fun and games until someone dwets hurt. >> reporter: the journal of pediatrics found the injury rate skyrocketed from 5300 emergency room visits in 2008 to more than 11,000 in 2010, more than a third involved children under 6. >> okay, i admit it, i really want to jump in there, too, but that's one of the safety problems, according to this new report. taller or larger people jumping with very small children. fracture and sprains are the most common complaint and then the risk, the inflatables flying away in the wind and if the blower loses power, the whole thing deflates. . >> we personally inspect the inflatables every week, call professional people to make repairs here and there. >> reporter: the quality control can be lost with backyard rentals. >> that does get a little dicey. >> reporter: but she's rented
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one, as have many of the parents here. >> we had one for our son's birthday last year. it was fun. when they get too full, it's dangerous and it's up to the parents to watch them. >> we've gotten weird about risks for children. >> reporter: cbs 5. too much or too little exercise can be bad for your knees. researchers looked to cartilage changes in the knees over 200 middle aged adults over a four- year period. those who participated in high impact sports like running suffered more injuries, but so did patients who did very little activity. well, it's no laughing matter. comedian cat williams and live nation are getting hit with a class action lawsuit. people who went to see williams filed suit. they said the show ended after 10 minutes. no comment yet from williams or live nation.
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northern england is preparing for possible flooding as the heavy rains that flooded the southern part of the country move north. today, more than 500 flood alerts went out in england and wales. rain in southwest england flooded more thannel00 homes and killed at least two -- than 800 homes and killed at least two people. we're getting right side for a lot of rain coming our way, right? >> it's going to get wet. it's going to start wednesday and at the moment there's no end in sight, at least through saturday. the good thing is it's going to be on again, off again. we'll set it all out for you. outside, we had dense fog advisories post they had morning through 9:00. we still have low overcast on the golden gate bridge. 64 and sunny in san jose and if you're away from the bay, you're wondering what all the
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shouting is about because plenty of sunshine out there. but things are going to be changing. already the national weather service out of sacramento has issued a flood watch beginning on wednesday morning for such of the sacramento valley, many of the northern mountains, mud and debris flows possible. it's only a matter of time before the national weather service in the bay area issues a watch of their own. watch means we're just watching, it's not actually happening yet. same with the gale watch. offshore waters, gusts up to 40 miles per hour. here's why, because the 8-14 day outlook from the climate prediction center is looking for rain to favor this part of the state. wetter than average for early december. so in the headlines, we got one more dry day, clouds will increase on tuesday, rain starts in the north bay late news night. now, everything's a-okay but here's where it's coming from. those clouds will be over the bay area tomorrow. it will lead to a mostly cloudy day.
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the rain starts in the north bay tuesday. futurecast shows today we have sun but tonight the high clouds begin to filter if from the southwest. that will take the fog out of the forecast for tomorrow but brings the high clouds in. forecast highs for today looking to mostly okay. heading out of the bay area, sfo looks mostly cloudy tomorrow, los angeles all right with partly cloudy skies and the extended forecast, things are going to get wet. the pinpoint, mid-60s will do it for the bay area today. 62 in san francisco, # 6 in nj -- 66 in san jose and when it rains it pours this week, it start on wednesday and as far as we can see after that, we'll have a wet day every day. >> we haven't had that for a while. >> not extended rain. >> we should enjoy the day? >> yes, by wednesday it will start to form drops. nfl cheer leelders, at the
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-- cheerleaders, they proved bald is beautiful. why they shaved their heads during yesterday's game. ,,,, ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon.
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the world series proved to be a big wind fall for the giants. each player will take home a record share of $377,000 plus her player that. does includemelky cabrera. despite his steroid suspension, the former giant will get his share. the quarterback controversy for the niners appears to be far from over. that's because the 49ers are now 2-0 with colin kaepernick
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leading the way yesterday. they beat the saints 31-21. er nick had two touchdowns, one throwing and one running. after the game, coach jim harbaugh would not say who will get the start at st. louis this sunday. and a big congratulations to san jose state. for the first time the university's football team is lifted in the bcs standings, they're no. 25 with a 10-2 record. the spartans as i mentioned, no. 25 in the country. they now await a bowl invitation, one possibility, the military bowl against bowling green. well, football players, they learn to play in all kinds of conditions, except apparently when the gridiron's watering systems come on. take a look, it was late in the 3rd quarter of the seahawks- dolphins game in miami, when the sprinklers decided to go on. players, coaches and refs, they
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briefly headed to dry ground while the computer, reportedly caused by a computer problem, was fixed. that will stop the game. >> beautiful day in miami, too. >> looks like it. might be hard to believe but a pair of nfl cheerleaders shaved hair heads. >> all for a good cause. two indianapolis colts cheerleaders did it in support of the head coach, chuck pagano. pagano is battling leukemia. colts mascot blue issued a challenge to the cheerleaders. the team raised $22,000. the cheerleaders dwred to shave hair heads during -- agreed to shave their heads for yesterday's game. many of the players have already done that. >> for a women it's hard, especially for cheerleaders, because they have that image and hair is so much of a part of it and i think it's awesome. >> i do, too. >> they are gorgeous. we'll be right back, folks. stay right there.
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watched video on you-tube. and now, psy's "gangnam style" is getting e big time play in the lone sr state. nats usually, it's the transibern orchestra getting this chris light treatment. but the popularity of gangnam style will apparently extend intoe holiday season. a homeowner in texas synched up his christmas light display to e
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song. this weekend, gangnam,
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